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BTT card is coming! GRID X BitTorrent partnership

February 16, 2019

Troncard is proud to announce its first partnership. GRID X BitTorrent celebrates the debut of BitTorrent (BTT), a new utility token running under the TRON Blockchain.

Introducing GRID X BitTorrent

This one of a kind card is preloaded with TRON (TRX) and designed to support BitTorrent (BTT). Simply choose the amount of TRX you want on the card, 15,000, 50,000 or 100,000 TRX, and receive a bonus amount of BTT included on the same card. Card holders will also be eligible for the official airdrop program, and receive an amount of BTT in proportion to the balance of TRX held on the card at the time of the airdrop.

The card will be available for pre-order on starting on February 18th, 2019 at 8 PM UTC.

                                                                GRID X BitTorrent bonus chart

GRID X BitTorrent Features

Card Rewards

The BitTorrent card earns rewards on your account balance, whether you use your card or not. The BitTorrent card will earn 1.5% annual interest on TRX held, in addition to supporting the BTT airdrop program.

The BitTorrent card will support BTT airdrops in proportion to the balance of TRX held on the card at the time of said airdrop.


Fully integrated with Poppy, the card is able to create a secure payment system. It will also feature an automated claim service to enable users to securely withdraw funds through the dashboard.

Fast Secure Transactions

Troncard has built a proprietary payment solution on the TRON Blockchain to ensure transactions are processed quickly and securely.

Fully Recoverable

Like TronCard, the BitTorrent card will be fully recoverable if lost or stolen and requires no private key to remember after your card is registered.

Easy to Gift

GRID X BitTorrent cards are designed to be giftable. Purchase on and give them to friends and family. No knowledge of wallets, exchanges, the blockchain, or decentralization is required. Card holders can rest assured that their funds are secure and recoverable*, and with no private key, your account cannot be hacked and lose your funds.

Receive, store, and use BTT on the go for online and offline purchases — at the cafe next door or on Internet. Using digital currencies has never been easier.

                                        GRID X BitTorrent BTT Overview

What is GRID

GRID is a card powered by the TRON Blockchain. It is a prepaid solution for buying, holding and gifting TRX. GRID earns a standard interest rate, is easy to use, and is recoverable if lost or stolen, once its been registered.

GRID holders can store their cards and forget them while continuing to earn interest on TRX held, or they can transfer funds to any other TRON wallet. GRID aims to be a versatile and secure way to hold your cryptocurrency.

Please visit BitTorrent (BTT) official website for more information about BTT.

For more information and real-time updates about Troncard and GRID, please visit Troncard’s official website, or connect with Troncard’s social media on Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or on Sesameseed’s official website, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Medium.

For general questions, please email


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